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2018 Wine and Gourmet Taipei 展後報導

Beaujolais French wine new product Pfalz pomerol Portugal Riesling

2018 7月20-22


2018 annual selection award

今年拿了 2 個 2018 年度嚴選 的獎狀:

Merk Riesling M , Pfalz 德國有機種植白葡萄酒 and Clos du Canton des Ormeaux, Pomerol 法國 有機種植紅葡萄酒

Clos du Canton Pomerol

French German wine


Beaujolais wine

Beaujolais wine 帶來一致好評。

lik tin century


Riesling Pfalz


wine importer distributor promotion

it's a great exhibition overall, cheers~

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