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Caffen - CLASSIC Blend Coffee Compatible Nespresso® x 10 capsules 經典膠囊混合咖啡 x 10粒 與 Nespresso® 咖啡機兼容


Box of 10 capsules

Aroma di Napoli since 1955

Coffee in capsules is ideal for those who want to enjoy instant coffee in complete comfort.
The varieties of Arabica and Robusta contained in the coffee in capsules give an excellent quality espresso.

Classic coffee blend packaged in single-dose capsules, retains all the characteristics of a real espresso with a strong and decisive taste.

*Compatible Nespresso

The Nespresso brand is not owned by Caffen Srl or by companies related to it.


ITCE 2020 International Tea and Coffee Evaluation Award held in Taiwan

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