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Bomonti fabrika craft beer 土耳其手工啤酒 Clearance MEGA SALE Buy 1 get 1 FREE

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Unique recipe since 1890..crafted in a small quarter of Istanbul called call Bomonti.

 The first brewery in Turkey was started in 1890 by two brothers from Switzerland, the Bomonti brothers. 

In 1902 they built a new facility in the southern part of Istanbul which still stands there today.
It is situated in the Bomonti district, which of course takes it name from the factory.

Today the old factory is a museum and social corner and the beer is produced in 5 factories in Turkey

It is a Barley malted beer, 4.5% alcohol with a slight tangerine/orange tone.

酒精度 Alc. 4.5%

容量: 330ml

* case of 24 x 330ml

* 1 箱 x 24支 x 330ml

Best Before Date: Aug 2, 2020